BTO's Speech At First NTA Akure Forum Lecture Themed, "Good Governance In The Face Of Corruption And Insecurity; The Imperative Of Youth Involvement" At The International Culture And Event Centre (The Dome) Akure on the 9th Of June

   BTO's Speech At First NTA Akure Forum Lecture Themed, "Good Governance In The Face Of Corruption And Insecurity; The Imperative Of Youth Involvement" At The International Culture And Event Centre (The Dome) Akure on the 9th Of June


It is indeed a delight to stand before this august audience as the guest speaker of the maiden edition of the NTA Akure Forum Lecture Series

This lecture titled, "Good Governance in The Face of Corruption and Insecurity: The Imperative of Youth Involvement” is a noble attempt to bring to the fore discourse of our socio-political circle the need to recognize the true state of our contemporary realities, to once again highlight to us the various ills done to the nation Nigeria, the failure of our political system to dutifully ensure a system that would see to the attainment of good governance which is a direct dividend of a pure democratic setting and to also reel to us the amazing and endless potentials that we stand to gain if we honestly and consciously harness the potentials of one of the greatest gifts of the  nation which is its youths.  

The last few decades of the Nation, Nigeria has seen the nation’s socio-political cum economic realities filled with both visible and hidden intimations of generational failings; evidences and facts that needs no specialists or experts to specifically point out to us that we as a nation needs a drastic intervention, be it human or the divine to turn the tide around for the greater good of all.

The failures of our time by implication means that we have not done enough as a collective entity to do that which is required to steer the affairs of this nation well, the various social vices which we are currently been plagued with is a clear indication of this realities. The first situation describes the incompetence and indolence of a sizable portion of the political class or governing elite, the second, the mass of increasing ungoverned spaces, leading to a sharp rise of corruption, pathetic growth of criminal activities, dysfunctional and disarticulated economic sub-structures, insecurity, youth unemployment and lack of infrastructural growth and industrial drive.

At this point in the course of our history as a sovereign nation, we must come to that simple, harsh but rather honest conclusion that the nation which was handed over to us through the sweats and blood of our founding fathers has no fared better in the hands of our fathers, and we have done so little to change this situation around, as we have so chosen to chase frivolous activities, sticking to the rather obnoxious and mediocre approach in governance which has led us to ignore the factors that really do matter for national growth.


For the sake of conceptual clarification, Governance is a system through which power is exercised in the management of a country’s political, economic and social resources for development. It is a system primarily designed to securing political power in order to control economic power for the purpose of the nation’s development.  In other words, it can be inferred from the definition that governance has to do with the totality of governmental actions and activities that are geared or directed toward making and realizing effective economic policies. 

The Nigerian political system is designed to function on the wheel of a democratic values and cores, and it is no gainsaying to posit that democracy thrives better where good governance is practiced, however despite the richness of both natural and human resources in Nigeria over the years, there has been little or nothing to show forth for it, around us are various realities to justify this position, most of the political leaders in Nigeria could be best described as political merchants. This is because they see politics as a business deal that brings forth huge profits. Most Nigeria’s leaders do not believe in service to the people; hence always play politics of wealth acquisition. The deviation from doing the right thing in Nigeria has become the order of the day, this best can be summed as corruption. Originally, Nigerians are culturally oriented, they were brought up to do the right thing at the right time, however it is rather sad to see corruption been institutionalized in our system, and one of its fruits is insecurity.

When we fail to do the right thing either individually or collectively, we will definitely have to face the consequence, today’s high state of insecurity is the result of our inability, our failure to do the right thing. No nation no matter how sophisticated they claim to be will survive if the system is corrupt or insecure. More pathetic in the process, we have lost sight of what is needed of us to do to secure the future of this nation. We do have one of the best hands, the most productive and brilliant minds that can help move the wheel of this nation forward. The Youths they say are the future of any nation, however we have ceremonially held on to this truth, we have taken less action to harness this great resource to our advantage.

The late sage, Obafemi Awolowo stated that “the children of the poor that we fail to train today, will never let your children have peace”.

Mallam Aminu Kano on his part also stated that “Nigeria will know no peace until the son of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody” these words by these two great icons might have been stated years ago, however they were said by men who had a great and perfect understanding of  our nation and what needs to be done to advance it by tapping into its brightest potential. It is not enough that we just teach and nurture the younger generation through exemplary leadership and good governance, it is also needed that we build a system that will allow and support youth participation in politics and governance.

I was given the opportunity, through election, in 2019 to represent the people of Akoko North East/North West Federal Constituency and I less than a year, we changed the narratives.

Today, we have facilitated over 50km of road, ongoing and completed, factored the construction and renovation of schools and ICT centres.

Recently, we facilitated hospital equipment, including ambulances and mobile clinics, worth millions of naira.

As I speak a team of Medical professionals are travelling the length and breadth of our Constituency for our free medical and Surgical outreach with over 7000 beneficiaries.

Recently, I sponsored two bills seeking to amend the Minerals and Mining and the Tertiary Education Trust Fund Acts.

Basically, Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) Bill will ensure that colleges agriculture alongside Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education are beneficiaries of the fund from TETFUND

This is inspired by the need to restore the nation's past glory in the area of agriculture by giving special attention to agriculture-based institutions.

The Act to amend the Minerals and Mining Act will among other things attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) through a well-articulated and coordinated incentive to prospective investors.

I'll rather not want to bore you with a long list of how much we have done for our people.

But to us, these legacies are what good governance means.


Every now and then we attend weddings and naming ceremonies with attendant impact on population growth.

As of June 2021, the population of Nigeria stands at 210 million with a median age of 18.1% and about 70% youth. 

Without a corresponding increase in job creation, the fight against insecurity, banditry, kidnapping, etc, will only be an effort in futility.

Nigeria’s per capita income is $1960 (World Bank). It is a general knowledge that high population growth in low-income country like Nigeria will slow development. 

With declining per capital income coupled with the exchanging rate of the naira against other convertible currencies which has more dived to #500.

The negative impact of this on the purchasing power of the year unemployed youths is a source of serious of concern.

The twin problem of unemployment and underemployment can longer be handled with kid’s glove.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Nigeria in 2019 was $3.3 billion. That's a 48.5% decrease compared to $6.4 billion in 2018. (According to UNCTAD 2020 World Investment Report)

Telecoms masts get destroyed while subscribers are made to pay more.

These problems come with an implication on the economy and, of course, the citizens.

Firms today spend about 100% more money on security and logistics than they did 8 years ago.

Nigeria today is ranked 131 of 190 economies in the ease of doing business (Trading Economics).  

Consequently, whatever plan or investment in infrastructure becomes a mirage.


One of the problems bedeveleing our nation and indeed other nations is the hydraheaded problem of unemployment, particularly among the graduates. It's shocking to find out Nigeria produces
over 600,000 graduates every year while barely a chunk of them is employed. 

Armed with a degree and no work to do, the tendency for these young graduates to go into crime is very huge as nature abhores a vacuum.

This situation is assuming frightening and unacceptable level given the number of graduates which is increasing.

How then can we talk about good governance and corruption without their involvement?

For political systems to be representative, all parts of the society must be included and well represented. When young people are disenfranchised alienated from political processes, a significant portion of the population has little or no voice or influence in decisions that affect group member’s lives. To make a difference in the longer term, it is essential that young people are engaged in formal political processes and have a say in formulating today’s and tomorrow processes. Inclusive political participation is not only fundamental to building stable and peaceful societies and developing policies that respond to specific needs of younger generation.

The “Not too Young to Run” movement might have succeeded in generating a great deal of awareness regarding youth participation in politics and governance, however it is important that we back this with genuine action. I was opportune to be brought up in a family that recognizes the importance of education, my parents provided me with the much needed qualities which would later shape my orientation. I had the opportunity to be elected a federal representative at a very young age and it is my desire to see that many more youths get the chance to achieve this even at younger age. This is why through my representation, I will ensure that I continue leading an all-inclusive representation, that my federal constituency is provided with the much needed infrastructural and industrial growth alongside human capital development, realising the yoruba adage that says (Omo tí a ò kó, á gbé ilé tí a kó tà) needed to give everyone a better life as we collectively work towards helping our youths thrive in the best atmosphere. Their education and empowerment is highly paramount to me and this has continued to influence many of our projects and initiatives much of which you can all bear witness to. I will never stop in doing this as I am more motivated and inspired to contribute my quota to the development of our younger generation because our future rest on how well we invest in them.   

I also enjoin my fellow public officers on the need for accountability and transparency even as we lead the advocacy for good governance, the need to involve our youths in governance and politics in our bid to eliminate corruption, insecurity and every other factors militating against the growth and survival of our great nation.  

We are elected to make a difference and we must never shy away from this responsibility and duties as posterity will judge us all, we will never be always there, so while we are there, let us make a change.

Meanwhile, a credible electrical process will address some fundamental issues. More recurrent in recent time is the issue of vote buying.

Electorates should understand that is the power they have to decide who governs them but when your vote is bought, it becomes an investment on the part of the buyer.

When he emerges, performance becomes secondary to him as his priority will be to recoup for his “investment.” 

Unfortunately, politics has become the biggest employer of labour in Nigeria.

But if we have a credible electoral process, electorates have the power to hold their leaders accountability at any time and to recall them through their votes anytime they err.
At this point, I’ll have to acknowledge that the management of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) in Akure have set a good precedence by creating a platform to have a conversation as this especially at this critical time of our nation’s history.

Other organisations and agencies, including the National Orientation Agency (NOA), should follow suit.


The youthful age is so important because once it is lost remedying it is difficult.


Let me conclude with what the late sage, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe said, "Give me back my youth and I will pay any prize for it."

God bless Ondo State

God bless Nigeria


Rep. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo

Member representing Akoko North East/North West Federal Constituency and Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) 



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